Need advice on website changes -

Jo-Anne asks,

Hi Marcus Thanks for the offer. I don’t know what I need. I followed your advice from last week and tweeked some changes on my website. Can you take a look and maybe indicate what more I could do?

Jo-Anne, it looks like you’ve made some great progress on your website! I took a look and have some suggestions for further improvements.

First, I suggest updating the title of your home page.


Instead of just your store name, you can include a phrase that provides more information about the products you offer, like “Swarovski Official | Jewelry, Watches and Crystal Decorations”. This will help with SEO and differentiate your page from other, less authoritative sources. Notice how they include information about the products sold by the brand. This type of title may help to improve the SEO ranking of the page, as it provides the search engine with more relevant information about the content of the page. Additionally, including the phrase “Official” in the title may help to differentiate the page from other, less authoritative sources.

Next, I recommend avoiding using your prime front page real estate to promote sold out items. Utilize smart collections to ensure the content shown is always in stock. Additionally, you may want to look into psychological pricing strategies, from this site: Pricing Psychology: A List of Tactics .

Finally, I did a basic audit on your site using Google Lighthouse. The audit revealed a few items that could be adjusted for improved SEO, such as missing alt tags on images and small touch targets on mobile. Alt tags should be added to images in order to provide alternative text descriptions of images on webpages, and touch targets should typically be at least 48px x 48px for use on mobile devices.

Images missing alt tags:

Small touch targets (low priority):

I hope this helps! Let me know!