Staying Up to Date on Your Ecommerce Orders Shipped with Australia Post!

As ecommerce merchants, we all know how important it is to provide a stellar customer experience. This means not only delivering the product on time, but also having the ability to keep up with the order and ensure it reaches its destination.

Unfortunately, most ecommerce platforms don’t provide the necessary tools to do this properly. Once an order is marked as fulfilled, the platform assumes the job is done. This is at odds with customers’ expectations when they have placed an order, and it can lead to a poor user experience.

That’s why we created Koi, an ecommerce platform that takes orders from Shopify and other platforms and goes the extra mile to ensure customers are satisfied.

One of the great features of Koi is that once an order has been fulfilled, it keeps up with the tracking from Australia Post and other couriers. This means that we can always be on top of the order’s progress and know when it is awaiting collection at the post office or has been redirected.

On our dashboard we see:

If we drill into an order, we can see what was shipped, and the tracking information below it:

Issues with shipping can be quickly identified, and we even provide our team an easy link to the Post Office details:

This allows us to quickly contact the customer and get things resolved quickly.

We provide customers with a slightly different view:

That shows opening hours of the post office (if that is where the parcel is):